Trust Your Gut

Do you have an upset stomach that just won’t quit? Do you often feel bloated or have troubling intestinal pains? Do you ask yourself “what can I eat and not suffer?” Do you have to know where the nearest bathroom is? Have you exhausted every means of healing with traditional medicine, yet the problem persists — with no hope in sight?

More than 50 million Americans suffer from myriad forms of chronic intestinal upset. Many have given up because they are embarrassed and exhausted. They feel they cannot even trust their own body.

Dr. Greg Plotnikoff and Dr. Mark Weisberg, a integrative medicine physician and a clinical health psychologist, have developed Trust Your Gut’s revolutionary CORE program. They offer a comprehensive, effective and accessible mind-body approach to healing — without the need for doctors or drugs.

They are the doctors to whom other doctors send their toughest patients. Their CORE program evolved from decades of clinical experience resolving the toughest cases. Their solution is scientifically grounded and natural.

By empowering their patients to awaken their ‘inner doctor” many find lasting, sustainable relief — rebalancing their lives through changes in diet, sleep, stress reduction and new techniques. The key to that success is to Trust Your Gut!

“A great resource for gut distress, I recommend it highly.”

– Andrew Weil, MD 

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