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Jeanne Wallace, PHD, CNC’S Smoothie Recipe

For People With Cancer Who Have Trouble Eating
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Gregory Plotnikoff

Integrative Physician Researcher Author

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  • Jeanne Wallace, PhD, CNC’s Smoothie Recipe for People with Cancer Who Have Trouble Eating

    Nutritional Solutions Basic Recipe 1/2 cup full-fat coconut milk 2 heaping teaspoons of protein powder–can be whey from organic, grass fed cows or other non-antigenic proteins such as rice, pea, hemp 1 table liquid sunflower lecithin (helps emulsify the fats for easier digestion) 2 tablesppons medium chain triglycerides oil 1 teaspoon liquid fish oil supplying 1600 mg of EPA and 1100 mg of DHA (reduce dose if platelets are

  • Tea Recipes To Support Healthy Digestion

    Fresh Ginger Tea: 2 slices of fresh ginger in a mug, add hot water and enjoy. Three Seed Tea: Equal parts of the seeds of cumin, coriander and fennel. Use one teaspoon of seeds for each mug of hot water. May be flavored with lemon juice or anise seed. Small amounts of honey are also OK.

  • Introduction to traditional Asian therapeutic diets: two enduring perspectives.

    In some ancient systems of medicine, health was understood as a state of balance, and diet was considered essential to achieving and maintaining that balance. Traditional Chinese medicine and Ayurveda are based on this premise. Here we present an overview of these two traditional systems’ views on diet and eating. This article aims to explain the reasoning behind some of the recommendations that practitioners of these forms of medicine may be making. Continue Reading

  • Nutritional assessment in vegetarians and vegans: questions clinicians should ask.

    Not all who adhere to vegetarian, vegan or other special diets have nutritionally sound eating habits. The clinical consequences of an insufficiently mindful vegetarian or vegan diet include many common symptoms such as anxiety, brain fog, depression, fatigue, insomnia, neuropathies and other neurologic dysfunction. Patients with such symptoms who report having a vegetarian or vegan diet, or a diet that severely restricts meat consumption, require a slightly expanded differential diagnosis. The challenge is to identify which patients require closer attention. This article lists questions to use to quickly assess for potential dietary drivers of clinical symptoms. In many cases, simple…

  • Global Advances in Health and Medicine

    Introduction to Global Advances in Health and Medicine by Gregory Plotnikoff, MD, MTS, FACP